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 January 2025. Stay Tuned for details.

26 & 2 Foundational  Hot Yoga Teacher Training

  • Learn to Instruct an effective 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Class. Master your understanding of the  Practice.
  • Recognized Yoga System by Schools and Professionals worldwide. 
  • Understand the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga.  
  • Understand the practical application of the Functional Movement of this Yoga Lineage. Therapeutic and medical benefits of this System.
  • Deeply understand how the 26 & 2 postures benefit your own being physiologically, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and more!

285+ Hours

Yoga | 84+ Hours

  • Competency in Asana (postures).
  • 54 + 90 Minute OHY Classes taught by certified instructors.

Yoga Lab/Training | 150+ Hours

  • Dialogue Training
  • Posture Workshops
  • The Yoga Sequence
  • History
  • Alignment Cues
  • Effective Teaching Techniques

Anatomy and Physiology | 20+ Hours

  • Anatomy for Yoga
  • Physiology of Yoga

Professional Development | 20+ Hours

  • Competency in Teaching Methodology.
  • Competency in Professional Development.
  • Competency in Practicum.

Additional Workshops | 10+ Hours

  • Yoga Yard: How to build a $100,000 business in your backyard.
  • YogaBrain Training: Confidence coaching for instructors entering into the boutique fitness industry.
  • NM RE-ed: How to work teaching 1:1 therapeutic yoga in a clinical setting for billable hours.


In House at The Yoga Annex

617 SW Eaton Blvd. | Battle Ground, WA 98604


$5999  ($500 Early Bird discount for the first 5).


250 hours of In-House Instruction.

Certification and Registry with OHYA upon Completion.

  • Printed Training/ Resource manual.
  • Yoga Membership at the Yoga Annex (January- February.).
  • Registry with The Yoga Annex online community.
  • Future support for Internship.
  • Priority access to upcoming future programs:  How to build a $100,000 Boutique Yoga Studio in your Backyard, Neuromuscular Re-Education Certification, YogaBrain Training and more.
  • Continuing Education opportunities.

This 250 HR training follows the curriculum standards for the Original Hot Yoga Association Certification.


Memorization of the standard dialogue (approximately 80 hours).

  • Received with the payment of your  TT deposit.

3-4 Classes/ week practice.

Completion of a 30 or 60 day challenge.

Date & Time

Winter 2025.
250 hours



($500 Early Bird discount for the first 5)

The 250 HR training follows the curriculum standards for the Original Hot Yoga Association Certification. The Yoga Annex is an Original Hot Yoga Association certification studio.