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Mica Michele Fish


I'm happy to meet you.
Here's what you get when you take my class.
I teach "The most healing yoga on the Planet".
I provide via Original Hot Yoga, a playful and structured moving meditation. You get all the well rounded benefits of a guided Yoga Practice: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & communally.
I provide the structure and instruction in a clean descriptive manner, so you have the freedom to practice your yoga and assimilate all of the benefits.
My Hope is that you will practice with a sense of ease and grace during my class and at the studio in general. Allowing the Yoga to work and trusting the process.
I am here for you to ask All the Questions before and after class and I love to know what breakthroughs you are having!
I teach from a Wealth of knowledge in Hatha (Hot) Yoga, sprinkling in decades of leading Experiential Education and Life Coaching Philosophies.

Yoga Practitioner 2+ Decades.
Certified Bikram, Yin, Vinyasa, Hot 26 Plus, Inferno Hot Pilates and more.
Studio Owner 10+ years.
ERYT- 500 YA certification.
Level 3 OHYA certification.
Featured Author, "WITHIN, 2023".
Lead Teacher Trainer.
YogaBrain Life Coach.
YogaYard Business Course Creator.

Kim Sapp


Kim has a Heart of Gold and is a testament to Hot Yoga as the ultimate Self Care.
She is an example of this yoga being the Fountain of Youth and ageless beauty. (You think she is 10 years younger than her driver license says)!
When you take Kim's Class expect candid direct instruction & inspirational stories from daily life that will boost your moral and motivate you to give it your all.
Kim believes in you ahead of time.
She knows that sharing the secrets of this Yoga Practice with you is going to make your life better and she's happy to do it.
Kim took her first Hot Yoga Class as a Wingman, "as support for a friend". Decades later she is still going strong with that philosophy of support. Her stick-to-it-iveness is not rivaled, and her teaching journey is a testament to her never-give up attitude.
She is the most refreshingly straight forward person I know and we are so lucky to have her on our team.

Yoga Practitioner 12+ years.
Self-taught 26 & 2 Instructor.
Certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. Level 2.

Valerie Hunt


Valerie is the most decorated Yoga practitioner in the State of Washington.
She holds the title of State Champion in USA YOGA Competition, Nine+ times and more than a handful of National placings all over the country.
Valerie is the epitome of taking God given talents, Combining them with Hard Work, and coming out a winner.
When you take Valerie's class you will take your practice to the next level. She will deliver impeccable instruction, teaching you all of the nuances and details. Valerie knows the inner workings of this Yoga bio-mechanically and physiologically. Her professional expertise as a Nurse for 25+ years adds to the depth of her knowledge on how yoga works.
Valerie is always Smiling and that Smile shines through when she teaches. She knows something about the secrets to life and through her yoga instruction she shares that wisdom with you.
She is the most friendly and caring person who is ready and willing to share in all of the yoga ups & up-side-downs 🙂 to get you where you want to be.
You can find Valerie after taking a class inspiring the studio with a next level routine as she works on her next big yoga adventure.

Yoga Practitioner for 11+ years.
OHYA Level 1 Instructor via The Hot Yoga Academy.
Energy Healer.
Yoga Competition Champion.


Studio Mascot

Meet the Moody Bernie-doodle who is our Studio Mascot. Tuxedo will bound to the parking area and greet you in the studio yard with a Ball, assertively nudge you in true herder fashion toward the studio doors, and trade an affectionate gaze for pets. He knows Good Energy and will attempt to join us in the Hot Room, though he knows he's not allowed.